EDUCAREonline Reporting & Engagement

A proud mother looking at a photo of her daughter in daycare.

In today’s fast-paced world, the demands on a parent’s daily schedule can make it seem as if they are missing out on being a part of their child’s early development. At Educare Early Learning, we want to make it as easy as possible for parents to be involved in their child’s development. We can do this by offering parents access to EDUCAREonline reporting. This is software that allows parents to stay up to date and connected to their child’s well-being, development and social interactions while they are at an Educare Early Learning facility.

EDUCAREonline works by establishing real-time connections between parents and their child’s ECE Educators via mobile and email messaging. Our staff can send updates to parents on their child’s progress at Educare by sending pictures and emails detailing a child’s accomplishments and overall experience at our facility. In addition to this, each child has their own online profile, which connects their parents to regular updates that include developmental milestones, periodic daily updates and progress reports. Parents are also informed about upcoming events or activities and are even given updates when their child is eating.

This application is 100% password protected, so only you and whoever you decide to share your child’s information with have access. We know how important your child’s safety is, which is why EDUCAREonline applies the highest standard of internet security in order to protect your child’s information and online profile.

If you would like to register for the EDUCAREonline program, or would like to receive more information about this new innovation in early childhood education, feel free to contact us.


I love being surprised by getting an image of my son playing around, or him painting!


“Its nice to know what I can do at home to continue educating Olivia, thank you so much!”